What are the demerits of lecture method of teaching?


(i) It provides little scope for pupil’s activity.

(ii) It does not take into consideration the individual differ­ences of pupils.

(iii) It is against the principle of ‘learning by doing.’


(iv) It spoon feeds the students without developing their power of reasoning.

(v) Speed of the lecture may be too fast for learners to grasp the line of thought.

(vi) An average student may not be able to fix up his attention to a lecture.

(vii) A lecture may become monotonous to students after a while.


When to use lecture method

This method can be suitably used:

(i) For Communicating new facts or information to the stu­dents.

(ii) For completing the courses in time


(iii) For reviewing and summarising a unit.

(iv) For expanding the unit by giving better explanation.

(v) For communicating such material to students which is not available in their text-book.

Method of presenting a good lecture


Following points should be given due consideration:

(i) Key terms are explained in details.

(ii) Reasonable task units are given.

(iii) Lecture should be delivered sequentially.


(iv) Teacher should prepare brief notes in good language before delivering the lecture.

(v) All out efforts are made to correlate the lecture.

(vi) Teacher should make frequent use of verbal imagery and oral illustrations.

(vii) Lecture should be delivered at proper speed.

(viii) Lecture should be delivered in well modulated tone and voice.

(ix) It should be followed by frequent inspection of student’s notes by the teacher.

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