A selling point is main advantage an article possesses which if emphasized is likely to induce the customers into making purchase. Selling points must be used discriminately and tactfully. Sales talk should not be a mere statement of the obvious and known facts nor should it be an enumeration of selling points. The later should be used with a view to appeal to the particular buying motive of the customer. The selling points which are of the commonest in use of attractiveness of the package, low price, special selling terms, durability, latest design, labour saving, case of use and comfort. These are linked with buying motives and the salesman should make an analysis of the goods with a view to ascertain the selling points that would carry the most weight in the sales talk and use the appropriate ones. A study of the uses and attractive features of the goods is necessary to emphasize them in the sales talk.

The salesman will be at an advantage if he acquires knowledge as to the history of the firm manufacturing the products he is required to sell. This will enable him to converse with an older buyer who have been dealing with the firm for a number of years and like to speak about the past. It will also give him a feeling of belonging to the organization. This will also inculcate in him loyalty to the organization.

The salesman should acquire in formation as to the policies behind the product as these are reflected by the product. He should also ascertain whether the materials used in the manufacture are the best available or whether they are merely of the best value at the price charged. Whether labour is satisfied or not may also be reflected in the goods in the form of superior or indifferent workmanship. The financial position of the organization should be known to him as this will enable him to answer questions as to its solvency and permanent foundation.

Salesman and sales organizations have really two things to sell – the product and the company behind it- both must be sold together. Thus the salesman must sell not only the products but also the company by emphasizing its prestige reliability, friendliness, achievements, loan standing, accessibility and experience.


A knowledge of the production methods can be used by the salesman to justify the high price for a small article. Moreover a knowledge of the channels of distribution in general and the channels used by the firm in particular is also essential for successful selling. The salesman should also know something about the law as affecting sales and selling. A knowledge of the firms advertising would help him to base his sales talk on the effect produced by such advertising. A knowledge of freight tariffs and delivery conditions would enable him to assist his customer by saving him unnecessary expenses.

Finally a thorough knowledge of the various cases of the product he is selling will make it possible for him to picture before his prospect the advantages he will obtain by using the article. Many leading organizations now maintain a special department with a view to find out new uses for their products.