Mail service is regarded as one of the most important service rendered by office because a business strive on records. The dictionary meaning of the term “mail” denotes correspondence or a batch of letters received through or sent by post. A good mailing system establish lasting relationship with outsiders and exert a good impact on them. It is also helpful in improving interpersonal relationship between employees, departments, management and staff. Planning for mail service is called mail room routine. A good mail room routine brings many advantages to the organization because it plans mail service efficiently and intelligently. A scientific planning to mail service include the steps :

1. Deciding Location—The location of mailing room is important. It should be situated near the entrance of office because it will help in quick delivery of mails.

2. Space and Layout—The space required for mailing room largely depend on the volume of correspondence. Placement of equipment, staff and furniture will be done in such a manner so as to utilize the available space to a maximum extent.

3. Staff and Supervision—The mailing room should be well equipped with good quality and sufficient quantity of staff- The staff position largely depends on the volume of mail. A supervisor will be appointed who exercises a constant supervisor! on mail service. He can exercise a constant supervision when he knows mail routines, rules of post office and use of equipments.


4. Mail Room Equipments — Sufficient mail room equipments will be provided. These equipments are sorting tables, racks, letter openers, mail bag and post office guide.

Mechanical Aids

The following machines are used for handling of incoming and outgoing mails. These machines are called mailing machines as they assist in mail operation. The mechanical aids used for handling of incoming and outgoing mails are :

1. Letter Opening Machine—This machine is used to open envelopes of different standard size. These are operated manually or electrically.

2. Time Recording Machine—This machine has an electronic clocks which records time and date of receipt of mail or despatch of mail. When the envelopes are inserted the time and date is recorded automatically.


3. Addressing Machine —This machine is used to print addresses of customers on outgoing mails.

4. Folding Machine —This machine is used to fold the letters before they are inserted in the envelopes.

5. Inserting Machine —This machine is used to insert the folded letters in the envelopes.

6. Sealing Machine — These machines are used to seal the envelopes after the folded letters are put inside the envelopes.


7. Tape Moistening Machine—This machine is used to seal bulky packets and parcels.

8. Franking Machine—This machine is used to affix postage stamps on the envelopes before they are put in post boxes.

9. Typewriter—Typewriters are used to produce text of the letters on a page. The typewriter may be manual or electrically operated.