Unveiling the secrets of a successful salesman who always makes something different


Why some salesmen achieve far more than their targets while the others hardly makes their first sell? What is the secret of a smart salesman who always makes something different? Well the secret is here:

Secrete of successful a salesman

1. Successful Planning the Approach:

Each customer is unique and they can not be branded as standardized god-made mechanisms. What is one’s liking is another disliking. Mr. Tony may like ‘pepsi’ cola while Mr. Tony dislikes it and likes ‘Coca’-Cola; still Miss Margret likes 7′ Up’ as against Mrs. Sweety’s liking for ‘Morning Dew’. That is, one man’s tea is another man’s poison. Salesman can not approach all customers with same standardized way of persuasion or converting the prospect into a customer. Tie-needs a skillfully planned approach depending on the nature of a customer. For instance, if the salesman is to approach a busy business executive, he has to be the point and no wastage of time. In case he is approaching a retired person, he has lot of time and can have his different matching approach. Thus, to plan a successful strategic approach, he needs to understand the customer.


2. Multiplying the Sales:

The buying practices, as noted earlier differ widely from person to person and from time to time and place to place. There is a group of such customers who buy from different stores different products instead of buying from one or two stores. There are people who want to buy all their requirements from a single store. There are customers speak of hard cash purchases to avail discount and allowances, while there are others who prefer to buy on credit and they are interested in the period credit and the cost of credit. These buying policies are not regular or consistent. They change from time to time to their advantage. These differences are to be mastered by every salesman as his aim is to maximize the sales for the organization and satisfaction to the class of customers.

3. Identifying the Buying Habits of Customers:

One should not get confused with ‘buying policies’ and ‘buying habits’ though they are closely related to one another. These habits are too individualistic and are hardly changeable. That is why, it is said buying habits or habits are die-hard. Some customers have habit of buying in certain guarantee or of quality range only. Their time of buying is also fixed; they buy some items on hand cash and some items on credit basis. Some of their items are bought regularly and some occasionally. As the aim is to baptise each customer and en-cash on them, he has to understand their buying habits thoroughly well.


4. Having Individualized Features of Customers:

Customers are customers just as boys are boys. However, all boys are not the same. Similarly, all customers are not the same. Each customer has his own features who can be differentiated from one another. These differences are so minute and invisible that a person fails to read Mr. X as Mr. X by mere appearance. Customers differ in age group, sex, educational level, temperament, income level, physical weaknesses or strengths, marital status, phase of life-a man from rags to riches and riches to rags and most important is by level of mental faculties and life styles, cultural variations, geographical background and so on. These individualistic features will help a salesman to treat him; he can successfully treat them only after correct individualistic prognosis.

5. Treating All Customers Cordially and Courteously:

Each customer has a very strong feeling of self-respect. Those days have gone where the self-force was taken for granted and the sales-force taking customers for granted. Customers ire getting more organized, they are more discrete and selective. Each customer wants to be -rated well by the salesman. They feel that they are to be given red-carpet welcome, greeted, -rated and talk of goods and services. In case a salesman makes any mistake, it tells very badly an the organization; the customer have the outlet friskily and spreading their impressions of the shop to their friends and relatives. Some customers feel that they are to be treated first and by a particular salesman or salesman. Some are sober and adjust to the situation. In all these striations, the salesman should not lose his temper and should try to accommodate all by his act and diplomacy. Cordial and courteous relations are to be maintained at any cost.


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