What are the types of Women Entrepreneur in India ?


Women entrepreneurs in India are broadly divided into the following categories:

  1. Affluent entrepreneurs
  2. Pull factors
  3. Push
  4. Self-employed entrepreneurs
  5. Rural entrepreneurs

1. Affluent Entrepreneurs:

Affluent women entrepreneurs are those women entrepreneurs who hails from rich business families. They are the daughters, daughter-in laws, sisters, sister-in-laws and wives of affluent people in the society. Many of them are engaged in beauty parlour, interior decoration, book publishing, film distribution and the like. The family supports the above type of entrepreneur in carrying out their responsibilities


2. Pull Factors:

Women in towns and cities take up entrepreneurship as a challenge to do something new and to be economically independent. These are coming under the category of pull factors. They belong to educated women who generally lake up small and medium industries where risk is low. Under this category, women usually start service centres schools, food catering centres, restaurants, grocery shops etc.

3. Push Factors:

There are some women entrepreneurs who accepts entrepreneurial activities to overcome financial difficulties. The family situation forces them either to develop the existing family business or to start new ventures to improve the economic conditions of the family. Such categories of entrepreneurs are termed as push factors.


4. Self-employed Entrepreneur:

Poor and very poor women in villages and town rely heavily on their own efforts for sustenance. They start tiny and Small enterprises like brooms making, wax candle making, providing tea and coffee to offices, ironing of clothes knitting work, tailoring firm etc. Such women are called self-employed entrepreneurs.

5. Rural Entrepreneurs:

Women in rural areas/villages start enterprises which needs least organising skill and less risk. Dairy products, pickles, fruit juices, pappads and jagger making are coming under this category of Rural entrepreneur.


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