There are various types of reports from different point of views:

(a) From the point of view of formalities, there are two types of reports like formal report and informal report. The reports prepared by the executives of companies because of their positions are called formal report. The reports, which does not flow from any. official procedure is called in normal report.

(b) From the point of view of legal requirements, there are two types of reports called statutory reports and non-statutory reports. The reports, which are prepared in accordance with the statutory requirements of law, are called statutory reports and the reports, which do not have any legal requirements, are called non-statutory reports.

(c) From the point of view of function, there are three types of reports called informational reports, analytical and research reports. The reports, which contain functional information with regard to a specific business activity, are called informational reports. The reports which contain interpretations, analysis and comments of the person” preparing are called analytical report. The report, which states the findings of a research, is called research report.