What are the types of Industries Promoted by a Women Entrepreneur in India ?


Following are different types of industries promoted by women entrepreneurs:

1. Agarbati manufacturing

2. Pappad making


3. Special bed spread making

4. Embroidery

2. Handicrafts for export

6. Batik paintings


7. Apparels manufacturing

8. Catering service

9. Running restaurants, snack bars, sweetmeat stalls etc.

10. Retail shop- textiles, readymade garments, grocery shops, medicine stores etc.


11. Running churches, tutorial classes, type institutes, shorthand institutes

12. Florist shops and dry cleaning

13. Urban diaries, milk distribution

14. Pickle manufacturing, stationery manufacturing and packaging manufacturing units.


15. Taking up contract jobs for maintenance of office etc.

16. Travel agencies and advertising agencies.

17. Xeroxing and photographic studios

18. Running working women’s hostel.


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