The contents of partnership deed are as follows


This deed of partnership being entered into, at Bangalore on this 30th day of November 2007 between 1) Mr Anand, residing at No.5, 11th Main, Jayanagar, Bangalore-11. and 2) Mr Krishna, No. 12, K. R. Road, V. V. Puram, Bangalore-4. The contents of partnership deed are as follows:

1. Name of the firm

The name of the firm shall be “Anand Krishna Enterprise”.


2. Place of Business

The place of the business shall be Bangalore. The parties, if mutually agreed upon, may change the place of business and may open branches anywhere in Karnataka.

3. Nature of Business

The firm shall carry on business in Real Estates and Commission • Agency.


4. Duration of Partnership

The partnership shall be deemed to commence on and from 1st December 2007 and it shall be a partnership at will.

5. Capital

The firm’s capital shall be Rs. 10,00,000 (Rupess ten lakhs only) which shall be contributed by each partner is as follows :


6. Profit sharing ratio

The profit or loss of the firm shall be shared by the partners in the ratio of 3:1.

7. Arbitration

The provisions of Indian Arbitration Act shall be applicable for settling disputes.


The partners have agreed to all the above terms and conditions and signed below in the presence of the witnesses.


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