Wooden furniture are those furniture which are made of wood like teak wood and rose wood. On the other hand, metal furniture are made of steel, fiber glass or plastic. The following are the key factors you must know before buying new furniture’s for you office.

Wooden Furniture:

1. These are prestigious and costly because of less availability of teak wood.

2. These are comfortable and can be designed as per needs.


3. These are pleasing to eyes and gives the feelings of warmth.

4. These are unsafe and are heavy in weight.

5. The uses of wooden furniture are found in the room of chief executive and reception room.

Metallic Furniture:


1. These are cheap in comparison to wooden furniture and as such are commonly used.

2. These are less comfortable and are not available in many designs.

3. These are not attractive and are not warmly feelings.

4. These are safe against fire and are lighter in weight.


5. These are found in all departmental office rooms including reception room.