5 most important qualities of a Specialty Salesmen


Who is a Specialty Salesmen?

Specialty salesmen are those who specialise in selling speciality goods such as TV sets, audio, Video, audio-visual sets, fridges, cars, jewelleries, cosmetics, computers, type-writers, copiers, sound-gadgets, watches and clocks, washing machines and even costly stationery items. These are the products that enjoy fairly high unit price, durable, irregularly purchased, involve good deal of personal selections and one which are branded, the features of speciality goods lead us to the specialities of sales.

Outstanding attributes of a Speciality Salesman:


The special features of speciality salesman are really special. He needs good deal of concentrated setting efforts; hence, there is a need for thorough and latest knowledge of such products; deep market research and aggressive publicity. Such an up-to-date knowledge is a must because, with the lapse of time, the speciality products lose their specialities. As his work is creative, he is paid handsomely in the forms of salary, commission and bonus, in addition to travelling and incidental allowance.

Essential qualities of a Speciality Salesman:

As a speciality salesman, success come to those who possess the following qualities as the special requirements of the time. These are:

1. Creativity:

He is basically a creative salesman. Creativity is the outcome of fertile imagination, strong vision and perseverance. His knowledge and resourcefulness that provides fodder for his creative thinking and practical and tactical presentation of goods to his customers.

2. Hardwork:

The work of a speciality salesman is really arduous and is to undergo extensive training in the creative art of salesmanship. He is to prepare himself to meet the eventualities of all kinds that he faces in everyday life of ground realities. Frustration he meets often that should not kill his initiative and sizzling enthusiasm.

3. Drive and Initiative:


Speciality salesmen should have unfailing initiative and forting drive. He is to move the dormant customer into an active one by his shrewd quality of sociability and paramount of patience. He has the mastery over sales talk to press the right button for right reaction.

4. Dashing Demonstration:

Mere product knowledge, sagacity and sociability will not work alone. Speciality goods are those which are purchased once or twice in life-time or purchased infrequently. The customers think twice before arriving at conclusion to buy. It is the demonstrative ability or the knack that works. A product, however, good it is, is not likely to be accepted unless the salesman makes it more palatable and persuading.

5. Loyalty:

Speciality salesman are highly respected by their masters because of their hardwork and challenging work, requiring special skills and acumen. Really a good salesman wanted by every one may be a manufacturer, or a wholesaler or a retailer. However, such speciality salesman should be reliable all the time as a trust worthy employee is not hired by exclusive desire to earn. Such a changing salesman is dangerous to any organisation one who looks for his personal gains.

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