5 most important qualities of a counter salesman


Essential qualities of a Counter Salesman are:

1. Prompt and Courteous Service:

As soon as his customer arrives to his counter, he receives them with a smile, greats him or her and others who accompany him or her, and listens to this or her needs in exact and precise terms. No customer wants to be delayed or held up. It is the ability of such a salesman to satisfy all alike. Such impartial treatment is the secret of his success. No customer should feel that he or she is lost in the rush or neglected. Good manners, courtesy, meek and modesty are the tools that play a constructive role. He should have the knack of handling two or three customers at a time, as each customer takes his or her own time to decide.

2. Consumer Guidance:

A counter salesman is the “buying agent” of customers. He should be able to guide the customers in the selection of products to his full satisfaction. He is to inquire into their needs —the present wide range of products available. He should also bring to their notice the latest goods to which they are not used. He is supposed to have clear insight and imagination as to what are the matching and additional needs of customers. He should encourage impulsive buying. A customer might have come to buy a ready-made shirt and a pant, there is nothing wrong in trying to sell him cuff links, neck-tie, key chains and so on that go along with ready wares.

3. Accurate Sizing up:

A counter salesman is expected to be quick and smart in identifying the appraising the customers that approach him. ‘Sizing up’ implies measuring the customer in terms of his likes and dislikes, buying capacity, paying capacity with a view to convert his desire into demand or an enquiry into order. This is a must in case of new customers. On the other hand, he is conversant with the profiles of regular customers in terms of tastes, preferences, buying habits, status of purchasing and the like. This helps him in credit sales and collections.

4. No Argument:


A good salesman is always on his guard not to pick up quarrels with the customers, even if the customers try to play with his patience. He should never displease the customer by arguing with them. His policy is “customer is always right”. He should welcome every complaint and encourage claims made by customers. He should try to settle the case by avoiding or reducing the possible bickering or misunderstandings. If a claim in admitted, it should be settled quickly. Each case of complaint is to be settled on the basis of its individual merit so that the customers are have an impinging impression of impartiality so created.

5. Display of Goods:

Counter salesman should pay the deserving attention to the display of goods. Displays, if done scientifically and aesthetically are sold almost half. Matching colours, harmony and symmetry of arrangements have their own influence on enchanting display. The goods are to be classified and arranged with price-tags. This will help in easy location, demonstration and delivery.


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