9 practical problems restraining the progress of Entrepreneurial Development Programme in India


EDPs in India are affected with a number of problems which are responsible for low level of success of the programmes. The problems come from the trainers, trainees, the various organisations imparting training programmes, the supporting organisation and even sometimes the government. Some of the important problems faced by EDPs are narrated as follows:

i. No clear-cut policy at the national level:

India do not have a clear-cut national policy on entrepreneurship. Therefore, the growth and development of entrepreneurship put to a halt due to the antithetic attitude of the supporting agencies like banks, financial institutions and other supporting agencies in the absence of a policy at the national level.


ii. No clear-cut objectives:

Majority of institutions engaged in EDP are themselves not convinced and certain about the task they are supposed to perform and objectives to achieve. They are conducting EDP because they have to conduct the same.

iii. No clear cut course of action:

The course contents are not standardized and the agencies engaged in EDPs are themselves not very clear about the course of action they are supposed to follow. There is no accountability and feed back system for further improvement.


iv. Poor follow-up:

Institutions providing EDPs do not show much concern for objective identification and selection of entrepreneurs. No follow-up actions follow EDPs after training.

v. Non-availability of Infrastructural facilities : EDPs are not successful due to non-availability of adequate infrastructural facilities required for the conduct of EDPs. Rural and backward areas are lacking in proper class rooms, guest speakers, boarding and lodging etc. for successful conduct of EDPs.

vi. Lack of commitment and involvement by the Corporate Sector:


Corporate sector shows less concern for the successful conduct of EDPs. They lack of commitment and involvement in EDPs. There seems to be low institutional support entrepreneurs.

vii. Non-availability of competent faculty:

The faculties selected for giving training are not sometimes competent enough to give proper training to prospective entrepreneur. Even if competent and qualified teachers available, they are reluctant to serve in rural and backward areas. This creates problem smooth conduct of EDPs.

viii. Non conducive environment:


Non-conducive environment and constraints in the backward regions has become a major problem for the conduct of EDPs. It makes the trainer-motivator’s role ineffective.

ix. Selection of wrong trainees:

There is no uniform procedure adopted by various agencies and institutions conducting EDPs for the selection of trainees. This results in the selection of wrong trainees which leads to low success rate of EDPs.

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