The physical or visible personality of a salesman is demonstrates by physical qualities like sound health, posing posture, alluring appearance and pleasant voice. It is worth emphasizing here that these are the qualities over which a salesman has control. That means, there is a vast scope for improvement once developed. These physical qualities are outlined as under.

1. Sound Health:

Sound health is quite significant not only because the selling job is subject to heavy stresses and strains, but because, it is the very fulcrum of other mental and physical qualities and their growth. A travelling salesman, by very nature requires heavy input of stamina and large doses of vitality that give him much desired endurance. Those who are bestowed with roboust health, they are really fortunate because good physique is the source of ‘physical energy’. Even others can be put to gear provided they develop the art of eating, drinking , good food habits, matching exercises, sound sleep and rest and periodic medical checkup which is purely preventive.

2. Posing Posture:


Posture stands for the position in which one holds his body when he stands, sits is or move about. A correct postures the basis for his proper functioning of all the lines of his body. Strictly speaking, there is no direct relationship between health and posture. It is because there are counter salesmen who enjoy really sound health, yet suffer form very poor posture. Good posture is something that gives an impression that he is successful vendor and is endured with full confidence in him and his job. Posture influences his breathing and voice. Posing posture for a salesman is one that makes him to stand erect with his body well balanced on his feet. One should feel like emulating him as to how confidently and elegantly he stands, sits, bends and moves about. Posture being a physical manner of a successful salesman, indicates his vigor and power. His walk is business like with head erect and shoulder back commoding authority and purpose.

3. Good Appearance:

In sale contacts-social intercourse the first impression is of vital importance as it is rightly said, “first impression is the last impression”. It is his appearance that makes or mars his case. Outward appearance is the very base for the customers to size up the salesman before he attempts to size up the prospect. A conscientious salesman makes an effort to present himself favourably to the prospect. A good, neat and alluring appearance is a mu to succeed, particularly in sales career. The appearance of a salesman is made of vital element namely, cleanliness, grooming and his clothes.

‘Cleanliness’ is something that guarantees good health. It is but natural that customer do not like to buy from a salesman whose hands are dirty, has a bad breath, has a bodily odour Well washed hair and clean hands make certainly greater impression than bright neck-ties an fancy and updated dress. ‘Grooming’ implies due care for the face, hair and hands. Care of face does not mean use of costly cosmetics but the facial expression as it is the index of mini He should have natural and never fading smile; in fact smiling is an art to be learnt as to ho best to smile. It is said a good salesman smiles with his eyes and mouth and not with tummy. The smile should never be dry, artificial or condescending. “If you smile, the world smiles with you.” Therefore, a salesman who weeps has to keep the goods with him.”


He should be clean shaven, hairs well dressed, nails well cut and maintained. His ‘clothing add to his personality. ‘Attire’ or ‘dress’ has its matching role. Salesman is not a fashion mode

His dress must not be too gaudy and expensive, like a bridegroom nor like a clown or a dundy. To be well-dressed for sales- career, the clothes need not be expensive, but perfectly tailored and the design contemporary. Good taste of clothing of salesman does away with extremes of style and excitement, clothes should be simple, clean, conservative and appropriate yet pressed. Above all, his shoes must be well polished and matching to his attire.

4. Pleasant Voice:

Voice is the index of our feelings than facial expression. The human voice is an instrument – a musical instrument capable of infinite vocations to gain diverse and desired effects. It is the tone of his voice that has more weightage than the words he uses. He is a snake-charmer and his voice is the charming instrument.


That is why, utmost care is to be exercised in developing and maintaining pleasant and proper voice. His voice must be clear, distinct and pleasantly turned modulating the fine shades of meaning. Expert opine that his voice must be low-pitched, untilled or tongual than rasping and nasal. It should not be horse like donkey, husky like a zebra nor it should be monotonous and feeble. It should be pleasant, fluent lucid, dignified with diction and dramatization. A salesman who know several languages has a good escape and smooth sailing. Indian salesman should know maximum number of major official languages and some dialects.