Office work is brainwork and involves repetitive in character. The repetitive nature of office work creates monotony. The relieve of office workers from monotony can be done by providing comfortable sitting arrangement, working conditions and suitable furniture and machines. Office machines and equipments have become an integral part of a modern office. Mechanisation means the process by which machines and equipments are introduced with a view to speeding up the administrative process. Office cost is reduced substantially by the introduction of machines. The introduction of mechanisation leads to saving in time and reduced operatinal costs. The following are the broad objectives of mechanisation.

(a) It enables in saving of labour and as such, office machines are regarded as labour-saving devices.

(b) Mechanisation helps in saving of time, which results in establishing the efficiency of the organisation.

(c) It ensures accuracy in work of operation.


(d) The chances of errors and frauds are reduced to minimum because of introduction of machines.

(e) It helps in reduction of monotony in work.