What is the need of standardization of products?


Consumer shall continue to be cheated by the wholesalers, the retailers and the shopkepers, if nothing is done by the state to maintain the standard of various things of daily use. Government tries to maintain the standard of things in a numbers of ways:

(i) Every producer is liable to be prosecuted, if he does not print the sale price of an article on it.

(ii) For certain articles, an ISI mark is a must to ensure its high quality and genuinity.


(iii) As far as food-items are concerned, it is essential to indicate, its weight on each and every packet.

(iv) The producers of medicines have to print the date of manufacture as well as the date of expiry on the medicine so that the customers are able to buy good stuff.

(v) In order to check the weight and quality of different commodities of daily use, the centre as well as the state governments have established many departments such as food and supply, drug control, weight and measure, consumer awareness cell etc. which^ conduct raids from time to time to ensure that the consumers are not cheated in any way.

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