A ‘trial’ close is not a final close. It is a question or questions asked by the salesman to the prospect to get the much desired buying signals. A ‘trial’ close is an attempt to close at any point of sales talk to see whether the prospect is on the way to say ‘yes’ to his proposal. If he gets the buying signals, he need not continue his remaining part of sales talk, if does not he can proceed with remaining part of the sales talk till he reaches his goal. A good trial close speaks of his ability to close much earlier.

Merits of a Trial Close:

A good trial close has its own merits to the credit of a salesman. These can be:

1. It Saves Good deal of Valuable Time:

For both the parties namely prospect and the salesman, time is very precious. As an instrument of getting buying signals, it saves good amount of time.


2. It Gives the Point of Push Ahead or Stop:

A trial close as it goes on clearing the position of buying signals from the prospect, he can decide as to whether he is to go ahead with sales talk or stop and close once for all as he gets ‘yes’ to his approval.

3. It Keeps Salesman on His Toes:

The warning signals may be green, yellow, or red like traffic signal, makes him to be always alert as to correct on the spot before things go beyond control.


4. It is Opportunity to improve upon:

A trial close is a trial, which may end in either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If signals are negative, he has to put extra doses of efforts to move from negative wedge to positive wedge. This is an excellent opportunity to improve upon. It is equally true the very best can be improved upon.

5. It Encourages Go ahead Even When Negative Signal Come:

A trial close is such an attempt that he can enter fearlessly ‘no entry’ area. It is because ‘no’ does not mean the end of sales talk. It means try and try again. After several ‘no’ answers, if he overcomes them, ‘yes emerges finally. That is why; one thing should be remembered by the salesman. “A wise salesman believes in winning at the end in spite of early failures.”