Learn how the method of ‘Pre- Approach’ could help any lay salesmen to achieve his target


1. To Gain Additional Qualifying Information:

At first sight, it may appear that a person or an organization looks like a reliable prospect. However, that closer look reveals it otherwise. That is, the salesman is to learn this difference between ‘lead’ and ‘prospect’. The weaknesses are clearly understood by going nearer to the lead or the prospect. Everything looks fine from a distance. However, a bird’s eye view is not of much help where as ‘close up’ or ‘fish’s eye’ view is more important. Thus, a person may lot very handsome and upright from a distance. It one goes nearer to him and when he remove hat he is found bald-headed, he is using sunglass because one eye is damaged, he is wearing and-gloves to hide his skin blemishes using an umbrella because he can not walk without support and so on. The pre-approach helps in getting the facts. It magnifies them for focused analysis and interpretation.

2. To Design an Effective Approach Strategy:


A salesman is to have a well-planned approach or a strategy in his pre-approach failing which he lands in the cave of confusion chaos and frustration. All the prospects are not equal 1 all respects. Some are really easy to meet while others are quite difficult to contact. Some prospects like direct approach. Still others prefer in indirect way. For some time, is the most important factor while for some, it is the liberty available. In view of these basic differences salesman is to design a matching and effective approach or a strategy which is possibly by re-approach or planning.

3. To Enrich the Planning Information:

Sales depend on the sales presentation. Intelligent pre-approach is the staircase to the successful planning. The sales talk, that is well planned takes different forms and moves in divergent directions. The themes may be cost savings, product features, product benefits, status acquisitions and so on. A good pre-approach furnishes a salesman a clear insight into the buying motives so that he can appeal most to those to seek right action. The sales talk presented must be tailored to the individual tastes, time and tunes. Thus, it would be futile to take on economy) a prospect who is charged with ‘status’ where price appeal has no meaning but product specialties. It is again, the systematic pre-approach that helps in the regard.

4. To Avoid Serious Errors:


It is quite understandable that the prospect a salesman meets are having differing mental institution, views and feelings which are peculiar to them. These peculiarities make them stand out. Any salesman desirous of capitalizing on these peculiarities should have closer study. For example, some people hate a person who is over-aggressive; some do not like the salesman smoking during the sales interview. That is, the salesman is to move along with the current. He should have adjustability or adaptability to differing age groups, sex, learning differences, mood inferences, and trend or mind-set differences and so on. The real test of salesman takes place here he is dealing with the mental faculties of a prospect.

5. To Build Self-confidence:

Any pre-approach on a lead or a prospect builds the much desired and respected confidence the salesman. The salesman must be confident of what he, says and he is saying right. A Salesman who presents his sales talk totally ignorant of prospects nature and the situation is ore likely to be hesitant, fearful and uncertain thus proving to commit more mistakes. With this approach he makes all the possible observations regarding prospects mind and he develops confidence of converting a prospect into a customer.

6. To Speedup Mental Process:


Consumer behaviour process is a psychological sequence of actions. A prospect’s mind eves from one end to another in a definite direction from Attention — Interest — Desire — conviction — Action. A salesman is snapped to move on there priorities. If he cuts or disturbs i in between, the prospect gets confused and broken and does not co-operate in arriving at favourable action. If the salesman has a pre-plan of approach which is certainly in line with this mental process, he support, the mental process of the prospect than perturbing it. Speedy movement upwards on the ladder of mental process makes him to reach the top without any hesitation.

7. To Conserve the Energy and Time:

Energy and time are important for all but much more important to the salesmen. A plan of pre- approach is sure to consume the energy of salesman. In absence of pre-approach, he should have met each and every one both fake and genuine buyers and china eggs.

However, now he has the picked and chosen, a selected prospects who are sure to lay eggs that are hatchable. Instead of showering up on the mountains, he showers up on the cultivated plants for the best results. This automatically saves his valuable time which he can use for any fruitful activities.


Thus, most important step in sales planning is to set objectives for the call. Merely stating the objective say, “I want to make a sale” is not enough. It is because customer’s decision-making process involves many steps and the sales people need to undertake many activities as they guide consumers through the process. It has been found by research that sales people do not like to get goals or objectives though they are very important. They do not set goals because:

i. They think that goal setting does not really work. They are skeptical about the importance of goals and about the inflame they have in determining future outcomes.

ii. They are afraid to commit themselves. They are content to talk about their in lapped potential of using it. People who do not believe in themselves do not set goals.

iii. Instead of taking him to set goals they spend more time in planning for success in the coming years. They lack discipline as to what is more important.


iv. Some people do not set goals because they do not know how to set the goals. This is a self-impressed barrier to their success.


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