Salesmanship as a science:-

Science is a systematized body of knowledge. Salesmanship is a science because it satisfies all the essential conditions of science. Salesmanship is not an exact science comparable to a Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. Rather it is a science based on human psychology. It can be considered a ‘social science’ a kin to sociology or economics.

Salesmanship as an art:-

Art refers to the way of doing a specific work or operation. It requires application of human skill, knowledge, imagination, and practice. Salesmanship is an art, because it requires a certain aptitude or talent, a certain types of personality. To be a successful salesman, one must not only be conversant with fundamental knowledge and principles, but practical application of those principles is highly essential. For instance, five students from equal background taught by the same teacher of salesmanship knowing all the principles of salesmanship will not achieve similar success in their life as salesman. Therefore, we can conclude that salesmanship is both an art and a science.


Salesmanship as a profession:-

Profession is an employment requiring some degree of skill, but it is not mechanical by nature. Salesmanship cannot be regarded as a profession in India, although it has achieved the professional status in advanced countries like United States of America. The road of professional list at ion of salesmanship is in the progressing stage and it is hoped that it will achieve the dignified status very soon.