Information on two effective types of demonstrations that you can give for promoting any product


One can come across two types of demonstration namely demonstration in use’ and ‘demonstration in particular’.

1. Demonstration in Use:

Perhaps the most common and effective forms of demonstration is that of demonstration use. It is that form of demonstration where salesman allows the prospect to try the product.


In case of ready garments shops, these sales people allow the customer to try shirts, pants, suits, ties, hats and so on. Normally, there are trial rooms meant for gents and ladies. After trial, they may approve the ready garments subject to necessary alterations. This is equally true for kitchenwares. This type of demonstration appeals directly to the motive of possession and on the spot buying or ‘spur’ buying by snap judgment. It is generally called as impulse buying. Many casual visitors may turn to be customers with least efforts.

2. Demonstration in Particular:

Each product has its own set of features, merits and benefits. Thus, Melamine crockery or Borosil Glasswares are possessing unique quality of un-breakability. Even in case of fans, air coolers, sound gadgets, people are particular about testing as to their specifications. The prospects are allowed to have proof of these facts where tests are conducted but nature of test depends on the nature of the product.

In case of cloth, its features are colour. Colour combination, crease-resistance, un-shrinkability, texture, feel and so on. In case of watches the features are leak proof, shock proof, glaze proofs dual power and the like. Demonstration in particular helps the salesman to high light the F.A.B. aspects of products.


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