How to improve the artificial lighting system in your office ?


Though natural light is the best and cheapest method of lighting, it is not always available and as such, the use of artificial lighting is preferred. The use of artificial light is preferred because it is available always and these are available in different colours. Office lighting system or artificial lighting system is broadly classified into the following categories:

(a) Direct Light — Light with shades are suspended from the ceiling and as such light falls directly on the table of the workers. As reflectors cover the upper part of the light, there is no diffusion of light.

(b) Indirect Light —The light fixtures are fitted facing the ceiling which in turn reflects the light down- ward. The intensity of light is lost.


(c) Individual Desk lighting — Each clerk is provided with a lamp fitted to his desk. This system of lighting involves much cost.

(d) Fluorescent Light — This system of lighting has gained increased popularity since it does not cause any strain to eyes by providing diffused light.

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