Office work is primarily mental work, which involves much concentration and free from distracting noise. Mental works are more fatiguing and monotonous. The efficiency of the worker depends not only on their sound training but also upon their capacity to work. The capacity to work can be enhanced by providing better physical conditions, which are treated as working environment. The better working conditions can be obtained in the following cases:

(a) The office should be well ventilated and there should be proper temperature inside the office room.

(b) Office work is primarily seeing of records and therefore office should have adequate natural light.

(c) The office must wear a neat, clean and attractive look. Rooms should be swept every morning before the arrival of staff.


(d) Proper sanitation should be provided.

(e) Overcrowding of office rooms should be avoided because it affects the health of the employees.

(f) Heating and air conditioning facilities should be installed.

(g) Safety measures should be used in the office.