Office routine is a planned sequence of operations for handling recurring business transactions uniformly. Office routine occupies a significant part of office system and it consists of a number of steps involved in doing a piece of work. An office routine shows what type of action is needed, who is to do the assignment and when such actions are to be executed.

Thus, the series of steps taken for doing a piece of work as per system is called office routine. Office routines are designed to increase the efficiency of the workers and reduce cost of operation. While framing office routine the following points are to be kept in mind:

(a) Determine the ultimate objective to be attained through routines.

(b) Determine the sum total activities of the system.


(c) Eliminate unnecessary activities and arrange the necessary activities in a proper sequence of operation.

(d) Proper selection of tools and equipments and develop the speed of workers.

(e) Make proper provision for revision of routine to adopt future changes and needs.