How to improve your sales presentation ?


Effective presentation is a vital factor in selling. Customers generally visit the shops to see the goods. During the period of their visit when they see that the goods are displayed, presented and demonstrated well by you, they become attracted towards such goods. They will ultimately decide to purchase. Some people are there who do not exactly remember their needs. An effective presentation helps them to remember their needs. Article should be properly arranged in the shelves. The buyer before purchasing any article makes a comparative study of the articles. Therefore, you should show them different varieties and explain them their comparative merits.

Essentials for improving presentation:

An effective and good presentation should possess the following basic characteristics. These are:

(i) Arousing interest ,


(ii) Promptness in presentation,

(iii) Clarity in presentation,

(iv) Showing goods of right quality and quantity.

(v) Demonstration,


(vi) Appealing to the senses,

(vii) Suggesting tests, and

(viii) Handling the goods in appreciation.

(i) Arousing interest


First you have to awaken interest in the minds of the customers for the goods. You can mention about the special features of the goods, like durability of the material used, composition and the process of production. Generally fancy goods and articles which appear beautiful in shape and color arouse interest in the minds of the prospects.

(ii) Promptness in presentation

Your willingness to serve the customers is indicated through the promptness of presentation of articles to the customers. This creates a favorable mood in the minds of the prospects so that the customers react promptly and respond easily. For promptness you should know the exact location of the goods as well as its price, size and variety. If you do not act promptly, prospects may be dissatisfied. They feel insulted and some of them may quit the shop.

(iii) Clarity in presentation


You can win the confidence of the customers, if his presentation will be clear and complete. You should not leave any mark of doubt in the mental frame of the customer. The details of the articles about their uses and working, model and textures, etc. have to be explained to them. The customers should be allowed to handle the product and test them for their satisfaction.

If the customer does not ask, you should avoid making comparisons with other products. You should try to explain advantages of his products and demerits of competitive products.

(iv) Showing goods of right quality and quantity

A successful salesman knows what to show to the prospect the goods of right quality in sufficient quantity. Customers should be given their required brand or quality of articles. The salesman does not know the paying capacity of the customers. Also the taste of the customers is quite unknown to the salesman. In this case, it is advisable for you to show medium quality of articles with moderate price. If the customer chooses one or two qualities among the varieties, you should try to remove the rest of the articles before customer. You should explain the selling points of the articles chosen by the customer. Once the customer decides to buy, you should stop talking about the goods.


(v) Demonstration

By oral description, you can not point out the features of his products to the prospects. You should show the features of the products to the customers. Demonstration is the crucial task of providing promises, statements by you about its quality utility, performance, service of a product by evidence of experiment, operation or test. Demonstration increases the interest of the customers considerably. The customer is able to see for himself the working of the article. After being fully satisfied, he will purchase the article from you.

(vi) Appealing to the senses

The main advantage of demonstration is that is directly appeals the senses of the customer, such as, sight, touch, audit, smell and taste. An appeal through the eyes is more effective than appeal through the ear, for presentation or demonstration realizes the mind via an eye appeal. For example, a cloth may both be seen and touched. Desire to possess the article shall be quicker if there is an appeal to the senses of customers. You should appeal to the appropriate buying motives and explains the selling points in relation to such buying motives.

(vii) Suggesting test

You can suggest various common test of products. Such tests are the feeling test, burning test, breaking test which can be used for increasing the confidence of the customers.

(viii) Handling the goods in appreciation

You should handle the goods himself and permit the customer to handle them if possible. While handling the goods, you should handle them with utmost care so that the customer feels that they are worth their price. By allowing the customers to feel, hear, smell, taste you are able to arouse the importance of buying motives.


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