How to deal with young customers ?


Youngsters are the rising suns. They are really smart and inquisitive to look younger they ire and are prepared to spend on those items. This age bracket can be taken as between ten to thirty years. Some consider as 15 years to 35 years. This age group is such that many events take place have impact on their socio-economic, cultural aspects. The starting period is of enjoyment as they curious of so many new things nature, personal achievements in various fields. Be ending part makes them responsible and settled parents and aiming at higher achievements it life.

They take achievement as a challenge. These youngsters at early stage depend on pocket money and start earning while learning and once they get job after having acquired the qualifications they become the masters of their own and do not depend on their parents. Instead, they try to assist their parents, look after their own “sweet home” aspiring for more confronts and luxuries in life. Their philosophy and psychology undergo a vast change. This is the class which is interested in enjoying the cream of youth and life. These customers individual decision makers for themselves and their families. Their requirements are quality, dress materials or ready wears, quality daily provisions, cosmetics, toiletries, stationary items, books, entertainment, means of transport of their own-to start with ewe wheelers and then four wheelers, on white goods; pleasure town, fashion items.

The salesman as expected in a very jolly and light mood and freely mixing with them. He should talk less and listen more as youngsters try to taunt and some times, insult the salesman in a castigating way. They do it willingly. A good sense of humor in a shield. He should take full advantage of the youth who come with new requirements, new ideas. In fact, salesman is to learn much from them, especially these high-tech youngsters.

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