How to deal with urban area customers ?


Urban customers are those who are coming from cities and towns. They are well polished in the crucible of urban life-style and environment. They are educated, posh and have polished manners. They love changing fashions and style movement because they are easily influenced by fast developing communication and dipping demonstration Meets. The change in life-style is sweeping and swifter. They normally do not hig-haggle and go in for quality products. Their expectations are very very clear. These are:

  1. They expect Listening to them;
  2. They expect quick response and empathy and not sympathy;
  3. They expect on assurance as to quality;
  4. They expect a real value for money;
  5. They want to money from consumer satisfaction and “consumer delight stage”;
  6. They prefer telemarketing;
  7. They want protection of their interests.

Salesman is to respect their refined cultural habits and customs along with manners and has the pleasure of handling them on easy terms. What they need in the latest information, products or services and the approach. They do not require all the detailed exposure. Salesman is to be to the point.

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