How to deal with elderly customers ?


Elderly people are old people and are the setting suns. They are to be addressed as ‘elderly’ than ‘old’ as we Indians do not want to be called as people ‘underdeveloped’ country but ‘developing’ country. These persons are those who are in mandatory overs to speak in terms of language of cricket. They are above fifty five used it is the passport granted by ‘Brahma’ the creator, ‘Vishnu’ the maintainer and the ‘Mahesha’ the destroyer.

In Indian conditions any persons enjoying a good health or fairly a good health is said to enjoy bonus years of life. In that sense, senior citizens form majority of this class. These customers have full} enjoyed or suffered the life time and are waiting for the call from the divine power. These art mostly pensioners and people looked after by their sons or daughters as they have really retired They know the real value of money. Experience is their treasure and are proud of it making them egoistic. They command respect in some cases tough majority of them demand it because of generation gaps.

They want their grey hair should be respected. Aging is responsible for physical incapacity like sight, hearing, speech, walking. They do suffer from diseases as metabolism reducers their enduring capacity and immunity. However, they have a long desire to stay for one more decade A person of sixty, wants of seventy, eighty, ninety and a centurion. Some have the strong desire to make world record in age or period of survival. Therefore, they care much for their health so go in for both preventive and curative treatments, go in for all those medicines, drugs that strengthen their body metabolism. With new developments in science and technology in medicine and surgery, old people are expanding their life-span.


A sensible salesman notes minutely all those peculiarities of such customer and comes ahead with solution to help the customer by giving them due respect. Salesman consults them. He has sympathetic attitude towards their physical incapacities. They are to be greeted well, treated well and sent of well. Once, they win over their hearts, they are permanent customers.

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