How to Deal With A Bully Type Customer?


Talking is a good habit but talking too much is bad. Bully type of customer is one who talks and talks like a firing machine-gun. His contention is that he is capable of talking too much because, he is intelligent, knowledgeable and a return in the field. He talks so much so that his supply exceeds demand for it. He talks freely on any subject international, national, local, politics, weather conditions, virus, pollution, terrorism, blood shed, sports, stock-market and what not ? He start will Bill Clintons love scandal, Bush’s failure to catch Osama, Gujrat carnage Kargil Conflict, budding love between India and Pakistan, Cricket and film star wedding, and so on. He hardly listens to others but makes others to listen to him.

When it is impossible to stop the customer from talking the best and satisfactory way is to allow him to talk and talk. Let his stock percolate and then sell. Never look at a customer with contempt and disgrace. Patient hearing and tactful dealing alone will allow the sales to sail smoothly. He is a man who can be pinned down with much difficulty. He talks and talks significant on insignificant matters to do nothing with sales line of the salesman. His common sense an general knowledge is nonsense and general knowledge. An applied, cheering up and the ability to divert the attention towards sales is quite urgent. Much lies in the creative and persuasive art of salesman.

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