How to deal with a argumentative type customer ?


He is emphatically emotional, easily irritable and illogical, deadly dauntless, sharply stubborn and abrasively aggressive. He disputes and defies every statement made by the salesman. He takes pride in finding faults with others. His business is to find flaws with the salesman with each and every day he gets. He is always on the look out to invade the soft-corners and thinks much of himself and tries to parade his prudence. He likes heat-blasting arguments. In a sentence, he is a clever guy who tries to rig the patience of others, indulges in irrelevant talks, finds faults, illogical in his presentation and hardly listens to others.

“Speech is silver and silence is gold” that applies and works. Winning the heart of suck prospects lies in logical and “make- believe”; statements and explanations where truth and tact have profound impact. Preference should always be given to the customer to argue. The salesman is not to lose his temper else he loses his sales. He should avoid, confrontation by tact and diplomacy by arguing with customer and making him agreeing through persuasive talks. Convincing is the key.


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