Here is a brief note for salesmen to understand the buying motive of the customers


A customer does not buy a product or service just because he wants to buy. There are good many supporting reasons for purchase of a particular product or a service. Human beings, like other beings, are motivated by ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. These needs and wants build up inside, causing people to desire to buy a product or a service. Peoples’ needs result from lack of something; desirable wants are the reeds learnt by the person.

Thus, people need water to drink; but some want ‘chilled’ water and others want mineral water. The built up pressure or tension leads to reasons which are manifested in a psychological wave lulled ‘motive’. A ‘motive’ is the energy which implies behavior though it does not give peruse direction to that rehaviour.

‘Motive’ is something which is capable of educing or tempting a person to act in a particular way. Hence, it is the invisible force that induces a person to act in a distinct way. Motive is the driving force which prompts a person act to get his need or want satisfied i: any rate. It is the root-cause of human behaviour. Motive a strong desire, feeling, urge, instinct, drive, stimuli, -ought, emotion, a belief a tension that makes a person to react in the form of buying decisions. It is the inner feeling or the urge that arouses his interest and finally that interest is transformed in to action.


Professor DJ. Duncun defined, “buying motives”, as “those influences or considerations – which provide impulse to buy, induce action or determine choice in purchase of goods and services”.

In the words of Professor William Staton, “a motive is a drive or an urge for which an individual seeks satisfaction. It becomes a buying motive when the individual seeks satisfaction through purchase of something”.

Mr. D.J. Durian says, “buying motives are those influences or consideration which help the buyers in getting on to the satisfaction”. Succinctly, a buying motive is the inner state of mind that emerges from ‘black box’ that activities and directs the plane of human to take off for satisfaction. The best examples are fear, sex, pride possession, love and affection, comfort, convenience, economy, efficiency, jealousy, vanity and so on.

Thus, Mr. Long-live may buy accidental insurance cover out of fear, Miss Stark Black may visit regularly beauty parlour to improve her colour and valor, Mr. Drinkwater might buy a diamond ring for her wife on Valentine Day. An old man Mr. White may colour his hair to impress up his young wife.

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