A standardised record used to accumulate and transmit information for future reference is called an office form. Exercising a control over the use and production of form is termed as form control. The following steps are involved in form control.

(c) The first step in the form control system is to establish a central authority for administration of forms. The central authority is headed by an executive called form supervisor. This body devise principles for form design, issue and supply of forms.

(b) The form supervisor collects two copies of forms from each department and are posted in the form register.

(c) After recording in form register the next step of the form supervisor is to prepare a list of procedures and routine because office forms have a close relationship with office routine.


(d) The forms are classified, serially numbered according to department using them.

(e) All the forms are investigated and analyzed to see which forms are to be eliminated, as these are unnecessary forms.

(f) Deciding the method of printing and reproduction of forms.