What factors should you consider for improving your office lighting for getting more productivity ?


It is a common discussion that people work better if they are given better surroundings and appropriate equipments for their work. When better accommodation and equipment is provided, employees are able to work through the day without any wasteful movement, without distraction and without mental fatigue. The efficiency of the employees is highly affected by better working conditions. According to Terry “an individual performance is significantly conditioned by the environment in which he works.

The cumulative effect of his total work environment is a strong determinative of how well he marshalls his abilities and skill, his attitude towards his work ad his colleagues and his enthusiasm for his work.” A poor office environment results in decreased levels of production and employees morale. It also results in absentees and tardiness which in turn increases a great deal of errors. So it is the duty of the manager to provide an environment which is pleasant, comfortable and “conductive of good working habits. However office should not be regarded as a place of relaxation and luxury.

The objective of better working condition is to provide reasonably congenial atmosphere in office, environment comprise of the following :

  1. Office lighting,
  2. Ventilation and temperature,
  3. Interior decoration,
  4. Office furniture,
  5. Free from noise and dust,
  6. Safety,
  7. Sanitary arrangements,
  8. Security

Effect of Light


The most important physical condition is light. Since office work is seeing task and paper work, adequate light should be provided in modern office. The cost of light in an office is a small fraction of the total cost but it has a significant bearing on the goodwill of the business. Less than adequate light causes delay in office work because a worker takes a long period to read a paper. It also causes strain fatigue and headache to workers. An inequate lighting system has the following features :.

(a) Sufficient light should be provided.

(b) The light should provided with right degree of intensity and brightness.

(c) It should not produce any glare


(d) It should not allow contrast in light.

Proper light has the following effect on the employees of the office :

(a) It reduces fatigue because working under poor light for a long period cause eyestrain and eyesight defects.

(b) Good light creates pleasant work atmosphere which improves the morale of the employees.


(c) Good light increases the efficiency of the worker, they do not take long period to read papers of the office.


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