What are the essential features of office management ?


Management is the vital part of an organization which means to get things done through others. Management is creative and innovative force which aims to attain maximum results through the available resources like money, men and material. The word management has been defined differently by different authors. According to Zene K. Quible “management is the process of managing people which involves getting things done through and with others. According to Fayol “To manage is to forecast and to plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control”. Thus management is the sum total of those activities which pertains to the laying down of certain plans, policies and purpose, securing men, money and machine needed for their achievement; putting of all of them into operation and checking their performances.

Office is regarded as an effective tool of management as it assists in efficient and effective management of the business. Office management is the art of guiding the personnel of the office in the use of means appropriate to its environment in order to achieve its specific purpose. Office management is that branch of management which is concerned with efficient performance of office work. According to Terry “office management can be defined as a task of planning, co-coordinating, motivating the efforts of others towards the specific objectives in the office”. Office management directs the office personnel and is concerned with the planning, organizing, co-ordinating, motivating and controlling of office work.

Features of Office Management

From the above definitions of office management the following features are earmarked :


1. Purpose—An office is set up with certain aims and well defined objective. The office activities are directed for the attainment of this objective. The primary objective of an office is to provide service through clerical operation.

2. Means—Means denote tools with the help of which office activities are performed. These tools are stationeries, supplies, equipments, records and forms. The office management tries to have the best use of the means. New means are developed and applied at the time of necessity for increasing the efficiency of the organization.

3. Environment — Environment has a greater role for efficient and effective office work. Office environment does not refer only to the physical environment within the office but also refers the external factors within which the business lies. These external factors are the business, industry customs and laws of the business unit.

4. Personnel — Personnel are regarded as the most important constituent of office management. It refers to the persons who put the means to use. The effectiveness of management largely depend on its people who are known as personnel. The personnel make management a science and an art.

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