The words entrepreneur and intrapreneur have acquired special significance in the content of economic growth in a rapidly changing industrial climate both in developed and developing countries. Entrepreneur is a key person who envisages new opportunities, new techniques, new lines of production, new products and coordinates all other activities. H likes to experiment with new ideas and thus face uncertainty. He works for himself and for profits.

On the other hand, intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs who catch hold of a new idea for product service or process and work to bring this idea to fruition within the framework of the organisation. Intrapreneurs with their innovations and dedicated effort are perceived as valuable asset by the organisation, irspiring others. They serve as champions to others in that organisations. In America a number of business executives have left their jobs and started their own enterprises because they were not given chance to test and implement their innovative ideas. Later they achieved phenomenal success in their new venture and posed a threat to the companies they left. These executives turned entrepreneurs are known as intrapreneur.