What is the difference between Incandescent Light and Fluorescent light ?


Incandescent light is the oldest type of light and this type of light is produced by filament bulbs. Under this lighting, an incandescent bulb is fitted with ineffective gas and with a tungsten filament which is charged with electricity which glows in the inactive gas. The installation of this lighting requires much less expenditure. The cost of bulbs are moderate but the consumption of electric current is high. This light causes eye-strain as it produces less light.

The use of fluorescent light was introduced in 1930. Fluorescent lights are available in the form of tubes of different lengths. The light inside the tube is generated from fluorescent powder waled inside the glass tube activated by electricity. These lights are bright and as such fluorescent light closely resembles that of natural lighting. Though installation of this light involves more expenditure, it is preferred in comparison to incandescent light because it produces less heat & less glare and these bulbs last for a long period.

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