How to develop the ventilation system of your office ?


The word ventilation denotes the supply of free and fresh air in right amount, right temperature and right humidity. Modern office is not only a place where employees work but also a place where large number of visitors are frequently present. The provision of clean and fresh air becomes a greatest problem before the manager. Proper ventilation increases the efficiency of the workers, improves quality of work and improves morale of the employees. There are two types of ventilation called natural ventilation and artificial ventilation. The former denotes passing of fresh air through windows and doors. The artificial ventilation can be made through the use of fans, air coolers and air conditioners.

Draught in office room can be reduced considerably because of the use of the following methods:

(a) Sufficient number of doors and windows are to be maintained.


(b) The use of table fan, ceiling fan, Pedestal fan and wall fans.

(c) Air filters are used to clean outside air coming to the office.

(d) The use of khus khus and air conditioners.

(e) Windows should be protected by fine wire gauze.


(f) Lobbies have two doors — the outer and the inner.

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