How to create good working environment in your office ?


Office work is clerical work. Mental work is more fatiguing than the manual work because office work is monotonous and requires excessive concentration. Because of this nature of office work, workers should be provided with good working conditions or environment. So that their efficiency will be enhanced. The most conscientious worker can-not do his work properly if he is not provided with good working condition. Which makes him comfortable. Thus office environment has an important bearing on efficiency of the employees. It is a common experience that people work better when they are provided with better surroundings and equipments appropriate to their work. Office environment comprises of lighting, ventilation, temperature, cleanliness and sanitation, interior decoration and noise.


Good lighting has an important consideration in the modern office because office work brings considerable eye strain to employees. Less than adequate light results in delay and mistake as it brings over-strain, fatigue and headache to the workers. As far as possible natural day light should be provided and when it is not possible artificial lighting should be given much importance.


Fresh air must pass in office regularly and in the absence of proper ventilation. Stale air remains in the room and causes restlessness, fatigue and headache. The office employees feel tired and sleepy when proper ventilation is not found. However blowing of too much hot and cold air is not desirable.



Very cold and hot state causes discomfort and affect the efficiency of the worker. So care should be taken to maintain the temperature of the office room at proper level. Proper temperature during the summer can be maintained by the use of coolers, electric fans and air conditioners. Room heaters are used during the winter season.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

The surroundings of the office should be clean and free from bad odour and infection. The health of the employees will be adversely affected in dirty and insanitary condition.

Interior decoration

Coloring of walls, doors and windows, placing of attractive calendars, paintings and informative charts on the walls have a greater influence on the psychology of the employees. Since good and pleasant color activates and stimulates the emotions of the worker, due care should be given for interior decoration of the office.


Noise is unpleasant and causes irritation to workers and thereby disrupt the office work. For setting mistake less and quick work a quiet atmosphere in office is required. Noise can be avoided by making noise proof of the room where machines, typewriters and equipments are placed.


From the above discussion it is clear that people work better when they” are provided with better surroundings. Terry has observed the importance of office environment by saying “an individual performances is significantly conditioned by the environment in which he works.” A poor office environment results in decreased level of production and employees morale. The health conditions of the employees is hampered.

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