What are the most common objections usually raised by customers ?


(i) Price objections

It is the most common type of objection raised by prospects. They express their inability to pay a higher price. Sometimes customers pretend that the price is higher for them. The salesman mat adopt the following methods to solve the problem:

(a) Offer substitute product


(b) Offer discounts

(c) Justify the price

(d) Offer installment payment

(e) Price factors can be avoided


(f) Show proofs

(ii) Quality objections

Some customers may raise objections regarding the quality of the products. The salesman can overcome such objections by comparing it with that of competitors. He can also show them laboratory reports, expert opinions by promising to take back the article if found unsatisfactory.

(iii) Payment objections


Some consumers may raise objections because they have no ready cash. It may be genuine or mere excuses. If the salesman knows it is genuine, he can offer credit. He can say that the customers need not worry about money now.

(iv) Service objections

Some common service objections relate to repair, delivery of goods, adjustments etc.The salesman while meeting such objections should illustrate prompt service by expert servicemen, quick delivery at door step, etc.

There are several other types of objections raised by the prospects, e.g. objection of time to buy, company objection, resistance to change, add new products, etc.

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