(i) The characteristics of women customers are peculiar. They are regarded as Home Ministers of the family. Women customers are valuable source for a sales manager. They have control over 56% of the world’s wealth. They usually make 60% of the purchases for the family.

(ii) Women customers have keen interest in the latest fashion, style, design, beauty and color.

(iii) They always suspect about the quality of the products. They do not easily believe in the words of the sales manager.

(iv) They take long period for bargaining a product. For this reason, they move from shop to shop and enquire about the price. Where the prices are found to be cheaper, they decide to purchase from that particular shop.


(v) Women customers have a great weakness towards talks. They ask irrelevant and vague questions to the sales manager.

(vi) Women customers are very fashion-conscious. If the sales manager can properly study their desire, then costly articles can be easily sold to them.

(vii)The senses of customers are sharper than men. They want that the sales manager should treat them as queens. The sales manager must give due respect one women and praise them, so that they feel very comfortable in the shop.

(viii)They are very jealous and proud of their sex. They want to look superior than others. For this reason, they purchase many costly articles and try to supersede their neighbors.


How to deal with them

The sales manager must be very cautious and careful when he deals with women customers. He should try to understand the psychology of the women customers. Technical details of the product should not be disclosed to the customers. However, the customers should be allowed to smell, look, fondle, lift and feel the product. The sales manager should give weight to the status, advantages and pride attached to different products. The products should be presented in a very beautiful manner near the customers. Moreover, the customers should be given opportunity to avail free gifts, prizes and discounts. He should not neglect the women customers. They should be given a large variety to products from which they can make their own choice. As the women customers take a long time make their choice, the sales manager should not hurry them come to a decision.