As a sales manager how will you deal with Argumentative customers


By nature, these customers are argumentative. They always try to point out faults in the goods and the sales manager. This is their hobby. They always think of themselves as the most intelligent persons. They are very fearless and sometimes aggressive. They generally end their talks with heated statements and arguments. They become emotional while talking with the sales manager. They are not always logical. They may purchase costly articles if the higher prices can be justified. They always compare price and quality of different products before purchasing.

How to deal with them

While dealing with argumentative customers, the salesman should remember the proverb “Speech is silver and silence is gold”. The arguing customer can be easily conquered by a logical replies and convincing explanations smilingly given. He should always try to avoid discussions which are of no use. He should remain silent and present the facts tactfully. He should have the patience to the listen to the customers and answer explanations. Since the motive behind their argument is the scarification derivable from an exhibition of their intelligence, the sales manager has to behave in such a way that the object of the prospect is neither defeated not challenged. Hence, if the prospect is fully right the sales manager has to appreciate his point. If he is completely wrong, he has to ignore the contention. He should apply his commonsense and flattery to please the customers.


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