Now-a-days machines are becoming more and more essential to the efficient running of a modern office. A few years ago type­writers alone was found in offices, but today we have machines for almost all operations. Since use of office machine has occupied a predominant position, a lot of care should be taken for installing of office machines. The use of office machines brings the following advantages:

(a) It results in the reduction of cost of operation.

(b) It increases profit of the concern and thereby results, in high dividend to shareholders.

(c) It helps in the maintenance of up-to-date records.


(d) It facilitates better communication.

(e) It reduces the chances of errors and frauds.

(f) The work becomes less arduous and less, mental strain because of the use of machines. So it provides a lot of benefits to the staff.

(g) It provides better & quicker service to customers.