9 practical ways to enhance the Entrepreneurial Development Programme effective and successful in India


EDPs face a lot of problems which make them unsuccessful and ineffective. The qualitative evaluation of EDPs become meaningless unless the problems of EDPs are removed. Following suggestions are recommended to make the EDPs successful and effective:

Practical ways to enhance the Entrepreneurial Development Programme

i. There should be a clear-cut policy at the national level:


Government should formulate a clear cut policy at the national level to promote and sponsor EDPs so that the growth and development of entrepreneurship will not suffer on any cost. The various supporting agencies like banks and financial institutions must be encouraged to promote entrepreneurship.

ii. Designing of viable projects:

The organisers should develop and design such projects which are feasible in terms of available resources and market potential. All arrangement should be made so that they can able to get updated and modern facilities required for the viable project for making EDPs successful.

iii. Model based EDPs:


Model based EDPs should be discouraged because a particular model of training which is very successful in one area may be a failure in another area. Therefore, sponsoring agencies promoting EDPs should undertake in-depth study of the demand pattern and availability of resources before establishing their own enterprise.

iv. Specific course of action to be followed:

The agencies engaged in EDPs must be very clear about the specific course of action to be followed. Course contents must be standardised, accountability must be fixed and feed back system should be introduced for further improvement.

v. Selecting the right type of trainees:


While selecting trainees for EDPs, the various agencies and institutions should adopt inform principles and procedures. Trainees should be selected after proper screening and assets. Applicants lacking requisite aptitude and commitment should be discouraged. Educated employed youth and persons having traditional background in the chosen activity should e given more preference for EDPs training.

vi. Training of Trainers:

Trainers must be adequately trained by experts so that they can be able to inculcate the right type of training to the trainees. They can be able to meet all queries of the trainees about the latest development of the project. The trainers therefore, must be very competent, committed and qualified up to the expectations of the trainees.

vii. Conducive Environment:


All effort should be made to create a conducive environment in the backward and under developed areas for the conduct of successful EDPs. Entrepreneurs should be assisted in converting their dream into reality through proper training and conducive environment. It makes the trainer-motivator’s role effective.

viii. Providing adequate infrastructural facilities:

Success of EDPs rest on the infrastructural facilities available in the particular region where they are undertaken. Therefore, before undertaking any EDP, the agencies must be assured of sufficient infrastructural facilities in the area. Plans and programs should design on the basis of such available infrastructures.

ix. Duration of EDPs:


The duration for conducting an EDP should be increased to six months so that the trainees must be adequately trained and gained sufficient knowledge about the project. There should not be any short-cuts for successful EDPs.

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