6 solid reasons for retail salesmen’s for starting with the straight approach method for selling his products quickly


There are definite reasons as to why the retail salesmen start with approach stage and skip the first two stages of prospecting and pre-approach. These reasons are:

1. Prospects Come to Him:

The retail salesman does not move from place to place for prospecting because prospects come to his establishment or right at counter.


2. Prospects are Aware of Products:

The prospects who come at the way from their homes and with are fully aware of products; it is the work of advertising publicity and displays that attract them to the retail shop.

3. Retail salesman’s Work is Easy:

Retail salesman is under no tension because he is to present show the products to the customers or that prospects have come with a definite decision to buy. That is, there are least chances of making mistakes.


4. Support from seniors, Peers and juniors:

Retail salesman has the full support of his juniors, peers and the seniors who are in the shop. He is therefore, more at ease and relaxed.

5. Not Highly Trained:

The work of a retail salesman is much easier and therefore, needs much less or not training. His work is to welcome the prospects with smile-greeting presenting the products in ranges allowing the prospect to make decision; in case of any clarification, he is to make clarifications.


6. Efforts and Rewards are Well-Balanced:

The efforts put in by the retail salesman are easy and way involving no thrill, challenge and vagaries of a travelling salesman. In other words, retail sales people are paid comparatively less as selling skills, acumen tasks are not demanding. That is why, efficient work, the work that is challenging and thrilling. They are not attracted.

The approach in retail selling is divided into two significant past namely, the format of approach and the problems in retail selling.

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