5 most effective methods for helping salespersons to handle customer objections during sales


It is but natural that each sales person tries to apply that method or technique which is most effective response method. However, no one perfect method or technique exists for answering all objections totally. Some prospects, no matter what you do, will never believe that their objections have been adequately addressed. In some cases, spending a lot of time trying to convince the prospect may not be wise. For instance, when a sales person selling dry-cell battery recharge, the prospect may say, “I do not believe in recharging”. Here, the sales-person should use the same time in calling on others who are interested in recharges. Therefore, salespeople should develop a procedure for responding to objections. The experts have come out with a sequence of steps to be adapted and adopted in differing selling situations.

Methods for handling Customers Objections

1. Listen carefully; do not interrupt:

Let the prospect talk, and do not get angry. It is because the sales person should plan and not interrupt. Now, in the heat of presentation, it is important to follow through on that promise and actually not to interrupt.


2. Repeat the prospect’s objection:

The sales must make sure that he understand the objection. He should ask questions to permit the prospect to clarifying objections. Acknowledge the apparent soundness of the prospect’s opinion. In other words, agree as far as possible with the prospect’s thinking before providing an answer.

3. Evaluate the objection:

That is, the sales person is to distinguish between a genuine objection and a mere baseless excuse. It is because, excuses are not to be given importance as they do not bear any fruit.


4. Decide on the method or methods to use in answering objection:

Some factors to be considered are the phase of the sales process in which the prospect raises the objection; the mood, or frame of mind, evidenced by the prospect; the reason for the rejection; the personality type of the prospect; and the number of times the reason is advanced. Here flexibility is critical.

5. Get commitment from the Prospect:

The answer to any objection must satisfy the prospect if a sale is to result. Get the prospect to agree that the objection has been answered.

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