4 essentials of an effective demonstration


Demonstration is not a physical manifestation but a psychological tactics of convincing the prospect that the salesman has the rest product that fills the need of a prospect. It is such a powerful way of appealing that the product sink in the mind of a prospect and sell well. It is hoping with proof and illustration as to how the product benefits the prospect. It is the task of proving the statements made by salesman about quality, quantity, performance, service and the like of a product by means of tests, experiments and operation as the essential mark of evidence.

Essential an Effective Demonstration:

(i) It is clear

The demonstration is expected to be as clear as crystal so that the possible doubts of prospects are eradicated. Clarity in demonstration can be achieved by using heavy doses a showmanship, using the language of the prospect, using a flowerily language and testing the pulse of the prospect. Showmanship stands for showing or exposing to the prospect than talking to him. It is so because eyes are powerful than ears; it is so because seeing is believing. Effective communication of ideas possible and lucrative if done in prospects language. To catch the imagination, the language used must be powerful of figures of speech. Probing of the prospect’s mind is essential to decide the extent of clarity needed.


(ii) It is complete

Good demonstration, by its very nature, aims at creating conviction and desire. A prospect is said to have been convinced when we talk has brought out all the wavering and tilting to a standstill and he is brought to stable mind situation. Demonstration becomes complete when the salesman prepares a standardized sale- talk, conducts it in a very planned way and organized manner giving all the comparatives features, advantages and benefits of his product or products. Demonstration proves what the salesman says. Proving means proving to a prospect during presentation that his product’s benefits and his statements are legitimately matching clearing all differences.

(iii) It gains confidence

As a salesman is to conclude the sale, does it so only when he has won the confidence of his prospect, in be proposition to certain degree. Winning confidence is the major mile stone in the selling process. Because the salesmen have the reputation for exaggeration, very often the prospects are skeptical of claim made by them. A salesman can increase the prospect’s confidence and trust that the product claims are accurate by incorporating proof statements in the presentation. Several useful proof techniques are customers’ past sales figures, the guarantees, testimonials, company proof results and even research results. These proof statements are to be presented through the use of visual aids. This is essential because people retain approximately ten percent of what they hear but fifty percent of what they see. Again, visuals increase, retain reinforce the message, reduce misunderstandings, create unique and lasting impression and prove that the salesman is really professional.


(iv) It eliminates competition

The pertinent question very often asked is whether the salesman should discuss competition. Competition is something all salesmen contend within a day to day business. One must compete with others when he sells a comparable product or products. Then the question is how to handle competition. Three possible courses are open to a salesman in his regard namely,

(a) Do not refer to a competitor unless it is absolutely necessary

(b) Acknowledge your competitor briefly and


(c) Make detailed comparison of your product with that a competitor.

First try to present the sales proposal without specifically referring to competitor and his products. ‘Secondly, if the prospect brings it up then best things is to acknowledge and drop it; come back to your product safely. One should not knock it but becomes necessary and appropriate to make detailed comparison of the company product with that a competitor particularly when products are similar. Whether to discuss competition or not is dependent on individual prospect. Depending on the salesman’s selling philosophy and knowledge of the prospect he can take recourse to any of the alternatives. However, he should remember that he is professional where he is not to talk of his competitors.

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