In every field of activity one has to master the basic doctrines or rudiments to be successful. Salesmanship is a challenging profession, calls for through competition. The salesman should learn about the fundamentals perhaps so as to attain positive results. There are a number of qualities that make up sales personality. While some are inherited, other are acquired. To be a successful salesman one needs to develop the positive traits and avoid negative traits. It is essential to note, cultivate and refine them to perfection by constant practice and refine them to perfection by constant practice and dedicated effort. The following qualities are important for the reasons given against each.

Good Qualities of a Salesman

(a) Appearance

“First impression lasts long”. Good appearance influences prospectus with an irresistible appeal. It includes cleanliness, dress, shoes, facial expression, smile etc. Nobody likes the company of a salesman who has uncombed hair, unshaven face, unbrushed teeth, dirty hands or un-cleaned nails. An appealing appearance gives confidence and brings success. It does not means wearing expensive clothes or using a heavy make-up like a fashion model. A perfect grooming and easing for smaller details will do the needful.

(b) Honesty


‘Honesty is the best policy.’ This is true not only as a statement but also from business point of view. It certainly pays rich dividend, may be in the long run. Dishonest person never commands respect from other. Some people are in the habit of telling lies, cheating other, and failing to keep promises. Salesman may resort to selling inferior goods, charging higher rates, providing wrong information, giving exaggerated claims or making adulteration. Once this fact is exposed, customers never purchase again and the firm losses its goodwill. Besides, the prospects who happen to be friends and relatives are dissuaded from visiting the shop. You can fool some people sometimes but not all the people all time.

(c) Alertness

Alertness refers to active sensitivity, agility, instant decisiveness as well as presence of mind. A salesman must be prompt to serve without undue delay. There may be customers who are impatient or are in a hurry to attend some other important business. They would feel insulted and annoyed if made to wait. It should be neither an indifferent nor a confused attitude. What counts most is keenness to deal with every possible situation. He must be on the lookout for new ideas and opportunities. Use of common sense will help him adjust properly.

(d) Cheerfulness


Customers like to be in the company of salesman who are happy and cheerful. They expect to be welcomed and treated as guests. It is rightly pointed out “smile and see the world smiling”. The idea is to show interest and warm reception. This in form would make people relaxed and respond favorably. Person with sound health, vigor and sense of humor master this quality for advantage.