What is the difference between Rosaceae and Amarathaceae ?


The difference between Rosaceae and Amarathaceae are:


1. Systematic position : This family belongs to order rosales of sub : classpolypetalae of dicotyledonous.

2. Distribution : 3200 species under 115 genera widely distributed in temperate zone.


3. Habit : Mostly shrubs, many are trees and climbers perennial.

4. Stem : Shruby often with spites woody or herbaceous and some are trailing.

5. Leaves : Simple or pinnately compound stipulate alternate.

6. Inflorescence : Solitary or grouped into coymose or racemose corymb showy.


7. Flower : Regular complete bisexual hypogenous or peignoirs or epigenous ebracteate, showy.

8. Clalyx : Sepals five united adnate to receptacle, valvet.

9. Corolla : Petals five or numerous, pentamerous free inbricate large showy inserted in receptacular cup.

10. Androecium : Stamens many free commonly borne serval cycles of 5 on the rim of the rorus.


11. Gynoecium : Carpel one to five or mor efree or varioulsy unifed supperior some times inferior styles many as carpels ovules one or two in basal or many ovules in axile.

12. Fruit : Variable drupe or pome of etario of drupes or folicles.


1. Systematic position : This family belongs to series curvembryeae of subclass monodhalamydae of dicotyledonae.

2. Distribution : There are 800 species under 64 genera distributed in tropical zone.


3. Habit : Exclusively herbs, annual or perennials.

4. Stem : Erect or subcadent and herbaceous.

5. Leaves : Simple soft estipulate alternate or opposite.

6. Inflorescence : Flower small in branched spike or receme borne in or simple or branched axis. Flowers intermingled with coloured bracts.


7. Flower : Small dry regular bracteolate bracteates bisexual hypogymous.

8. Clalyx : Not distinct perianths present.

9. Corolla : Perianth with 3-5 lobes sepaloid often hairy sometimes persitent to cover the seed.

10. Androecium : Stemens usually five opposite to perianth lobe free or united at base, staminodes sometimes present.

11. Gynoecium : Carpels 2-3 syncarpus superior ovary single pendulus erect wvule in basal placentation.

12. Fruit : Dry one seeded nut or a capsule seed endopermous.

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