Sometimes Accept the Things the Way They Are!


It is indeed surprising that at what time, when and where thoughts or the golden words can come into your mind…..anywhere you doing something else and the thought of something else just strikes your mind……today I was just reading a novel written by one of my favorites author Paulo Coelho….and just then I realized how different views can be of different people thinking about the same thing….

For ages people follow same trends, same values and same rituals but it is not necessary that they enjoy following them it may also be that they follow it simply because they do fear going on a different path which is basically not “ok, tested” but someone might dare to follow that different path and try to enjoy life even more………to bring a spark into the lives…you might want your children to follow the same pattern as you followed but that’s not always the case….sometimes you have to think deeper think that they were not born with the same thinking, same mentality as you were they are different, different from you although they are part of you…they think differently!!!!! Everyone knows what’s best for them sometimes they understand themselves better than you think you do to them……they know what’s good for them and what I think is you should not cage the bird, she is born to fly….. if situation continues she’ll die of the pain of not getting relieved… set the bird free even if she dies she’ll be responsible for her own death and believe me if she’s wrong she’ll return back to you…

We should be open minded we should not think under boundaries thoughts should fly in the air their wings should be open….and for them to set their wings free they need space….


C’mon I mean we are now living in 21st century it’s not that same as before…everyone knows what’s their limits and they know when they can’t exceed them…you should trust people, start to trust them if you don’t… if a boy and girls talks together that doesn’t really mean they are involved or anything…they are just friends if they were to be involved they would never have talked in public that’s the logic basically!!!! So trust your daughters and sons because they now understand (if they are young like 15+) life I bet you don’t think them that dumb…. So I think you should give them their chance to enjoy life as well… those who don’t want to make their life they won’t study and loiter around if you restrict them or not…they would do so…anything else doesn’t matter but those who have to make their life will make it they know that what are their priorities..So why not give them their chance of enjoying life…I know many parents will contradict me on my statement but you can just restrict them of that fun time they are loosing…they got to enjoy it!! Tat’s life……you cannot say that they don’t study always loiter…

They know what they are doing what’s the problem if they go out with their friends on weekends once in a month, or do what they like?????? Can’t they do so??? You know what sometimes you make them feel that by choosing studies they have removed all the fun of their life at that moment they feel that those students are better who have fun now but then the irony is they also know that if they have fun now they would suffer later thus just ask them to go out with friends once in a while…then they’ll feel you more closer to them than you were before….they’ll enjoy your company then….

So, let the bird fly and open her wings she also knows she can never reach the horizon no matter how hard she tries!!!!!

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