Why fungi is stained with lacto phenol cotton blue?


Fungi can be stained with lacto phenol cotton blue.


The composition of lacto phenol cotton blue is as follows:


Phenol crystals 20g

Lactic acid 20 ml

Glycerol : 40 ml

Distilled water 20 ml


Cotton blue (or methyl blue) : 0.075 g

A drop of 95% alcohol is applied on the “slide. The fragments of the culture of the fungus is placed on the slide. It is teased out gently with needles. When it has spread well on the slide, allow the alcohol to evaporate. Then add a drop of the stain ( lacto phenol cotton blue).

A cover slip is applied carefully without allowing air bubbles to form. A gentle pressure is applied and the excess stain around the coverslip is removed with the edge of a blotting paper. Now the slide can be viewed under the microscope to see the details of the fungus.

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