What are the Structural Limitations of Human Body ?


We have just listed the uniqueness of human body, but along with this, there are some limitation as well. These can be summarized as follows:

1. Bipedal locomotion makes man less stable than a quadruped.

2. Man is deprived of tail which serves as a balancing organ in animals that have it.


3. Among the primates, man is sparsely covered with hair. This exposes man to cold. Although there is a layer of fat underneath the skin in man which protects him from severe cold, and there are sweat glands to dispose of excess heat, these are disadvantages for continuous working or running.

4. Man has binocular vision, that is, both the eyes are trained upon the same fields simultaneously.

5. The sense of smell in man is not as acute as we find in dogs or some other animals.

6. Hearing power of man us not as acute as we find in dogs and bats.


7. The muscles of pinna (external ear) are vestigial (nonfunctional). The pinna cannot move to gather sound waves.

8. Man does not harbor the kinds of intestinal bacteria cows and horses do. These bacteria secrete enzymes to digest plant carbohydrates and also produce vitamins. As a result, man cannot digest cellules.

9. Man does not have clawed which than white muscles. The former have an iron-containing protein, myoglobin and are used for prolonged muscular activity. White muscles are used for short but rapid activity. White muscles are fatigues more easily than red muscles. For these reasons, man cannot work or run continuously for several hours.

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