What is the significance of Mitosis ?


The significance of Mitosis are :-

1. It is an equational division through which identical daughter cells are produced having the same amount and type of genetic constitution as that of the parent cell.

2. It is responsible for growth and development of multi-cellular organisms from a single-celled zygote.


3. The number of chromosomes remains the same in all the cells produced by this division. Thus, the daughter cells retain the same characters as those of the parent cell.

4. It helps the cell in maintaining proper size.

5. Mitosis helps in restoring wear and tear in body tissues, replacement of damaged or lost part, healing of wounds and regeneration of detached parts (as in tail of a lizards).

6. It is a method of multiplication in unicellular organisms.


7. If mitosis remains unchecked, it may result in uncontrolled growth of cells leading to cancer or tumour.


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